Monday, January 21, 2013

Why This Is Here

This blog is here because I spend a good deal of my leisure reading time on the topics of history, futurism, and urban planning.  Friends who get me started talking on any of those always seem a bit surprised that I've thought about the subject that much, and eventually ask why I don't get involved in that professionally (run for office, become an urban planner, etc).  The short answer is there is no money in it.  I have a career I already like (database programming), and it affords me a comfortable living in a very expensive city (Manhattan).  To switch careers now would involve years of school and acquisition of credentials just to enter a very crowded job market.  It's also possible that making it my career would take away the joy of the subject(s) for me.

So this blog exists primary to unburden my friends with my urban planning geekery, and maybe some of my ideas will catch the eye of someone in a position to act upon them.

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